What nourishes me?

Maybe a soft texture.

Maybe a heart that links with mine.

Maybe the silence.

Maybe a rebellious noise.

Maybe some hands on my skin.

Maybe some hands with love on my ears.

Maybe someone saying, ‘don’t worry. i know you don’t need to worry’.

Maybe someone saying, ‘this is only a joke’.

Maybe someone saying, ‘but you have to take your feelings seriously’.

Maybe just a hug that feels completely true. a hug from someone that doesn’t need the hug becomes more than a hug.

Maybe a scent that touches me. a scent i feel on my skin.

Maybe a food that says inside me, ‘Peace’.

Maybe a cry that gives me the vision.

Maybe a talk that i give you.

Maybe a feeling that makes me scream, ‘i know, this is it!

fuck this and that. this is IT!’.

Maybe a word that unlocks something, ‘do you want to come with me?’.

Maybe some space.

Maybe a ritual that i feel part of.

Maybe a feeling that ‘i don’t need more than this’.



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