chi cycle

Time Meridian Qualities Perfect activities
7.00-9.00am Stomach Arrive Have breakfast, create balance
9.00-11.00am Spleen Action Make decisions, tackle tasks requiring concentration and focus
11.00am-1.00pm Heart Love Joyful tasks, connect with soulful purpose
1.00-3.00pm Small intestine Slow Have lunch, slowing down brings clarity
3.00-5.00pm Bladder Support Schedule less intensive, routine tasks
5.00-7.00pm Kidney Switch off Social, laugh, unwind
7.00-9.00pm Circulation-Sex Protect Have dinner, be creative
9.00-11.00pm Triple Warmer Passage Go to sleep
11.00pm-1.00am Gallbladder Courage Sleep, unconscious problem solving
1.00-3.00am Liver Recover Sleep, soul guidance
3.00-5.00am Lung Embodiment Sleep, inspiration
5.00-7.00am Large intestine Transform Wake, embrace a new day

Understanding the 24 hour Chi Cycle

Isto é verdade! Basta perceber e sentir com atenção.